Experience a
Flavor Rush

When you taste an all-natural FRUCHI® smoothie for the first time, you'll never want anything else! With four great flavors from Strawberry-Banana and Raspberry Rush to Island Splash and Berry Blast, there's a FRUCHI® smoothie flavor for everyone.

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Fundraising with
FRUCHI® Smoothies

It's easy to maximize your profits and minimize your mess when you host a FRUCHI® smoothie fundraiser! Whether you set up a concession stand at your next even or take orders for delivery, you can't go wrong with a FRUCHI® smoothie fundraiser.

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Smoothie Difference

While there are other smoothies available, there's nothing like an all-natural FRUCHI® real fruit smoothie. The first ready-to-eat smoothie that you can take on the run, FRUCHI® smoothies give you the best in grab-and-go portability and the most fun way to eat a serving of fruit!

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FRUCHI® Raspberry Rush Smoothie

The best thing to happen to the smoothie since the blender

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy a delicious, all-natural smoothie on the go, FRUCHI® smoothies are the answer! The first ready-to-eat real fruit frozen smoothie is the perfect way to enjoy a fruit smoothie no matter where you are. With four great flavors to choose from, there's a FRUCHI® smoothie for everyone!

Plus, we have great fundraising opportunities for youth groups, sports teams, and other non-profit organizations.