Find Fundraising Success with FRUCHI® Real-Fruit Smoothies

If your organization is looking for an original product for fundraising, FRUCHI® smoothies are the perfect choice!

FRUCHI® smoothies are the country‚Äôs favorite ready-to-eat, real fruit frozen smoothie, which means your fundraiser can feature an innovative, better-for-you product that tastes great.

Kids love FRUCHI® smoothies for their great taste and how much fun they are to eat. Parents love them because they deliver a full serving of fruit in each environmentally friendly package.

Our fundraising program is designed to maximize your profitability while minimizing the hassle and headaches of running a successful fundraiser.

Starting a FRUCHI® smoothie Fundraiser is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. 1. Place an order by completing the form.
  2. 2. Your FRUCHI® order will be shipped to you
  3. 3. Sell FRUCHI® smoothies at your event or concession stand

Concession Fundraising

FRUCHI® smoothies are the perfect concession item for youth activities. Because there is no prep or mess, all you need is a table, coolers or freezers to hold the product and the point of sale signage we provide. FRUCHI® smoothies allow you to offer a real-fruit smoothie and a better-for-you option everyone will love!

No matter the size of your organization, you can find success with FRUCHI® smoothies fundraisers.

Fundraising Order Information

  • Minimum Order is 4 Cases ($60.00). Each case contains a single flavor
  • Each case contains 12 frozen smoothie pouches for $15 ($1.25 per smoothie)
  • Recommended concession sales price is $2.00 - $3.00, but ultimately you set the price!

Getting Your FRUCHI®

  • You can have the order shipped directly to you or your event
  • All orders are shipped via UPS for ONLY $6.95 (standard ground)
  • Please allow at least 3 business days for mail order
  • Orders are shipped on dry ice and come four cases per cooler
FRUCHI® Fundraising

"FRUCHI® has been a great addition to our concession stand at Marshall High School. FRUCHI® provides a healthier alternative compared to some of our other candy products, and our patrons have commented how much they appreciate that variety. Kids love them, players love them, and we have had trouble keeping them in stock. FRUCHI®'s have helped increase sales at our concession stand and have helped us better meet the needs of our fans."

Bruce Remme
Activities Director, Marshall Public Schools

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